The Pros and Cons of Working From Home

Covid-19 has forced many white-collar employees to work from home. Reactions have been varied — as one would expect for an activity as complex and emotionally charged as “work” —
in a domain as complex and emotionally charged as “home.”

The costs and benefits of home-work are more complex than you might think. Let’s examine how this relates to the manner in which Cleversow approaches employees and workplaces.

Let’s look at productivity. We can measure individual or group output. If you’re working from home, you’ve just saved a whole bunch of commuting time, allowing more time for productivity. However, home often comes with new distractions, perhaps enough to offset what you’ve gained from ditching the commute. Hopefully, you have a win-win scenario that’s neutral with regard to productivity, if you’re able to accomplish some chores between meetings without affecting daily workflow.

Let’s look at support. Some employees, in certain job roles and certain situations, really need face-to-face interactions. Some don’t. Given the type of work being done, and the fact that we now have mostly flawless teleconferencing available, staff should have ample support working remotely. Of course, this really does vary by the nature of the work being considered.

So, depending on your role, your personality and your home-work circumstances, you may find that you’re easily as productive and supported at home as you are in the office.

At Cleversow, we know that there’s complexity to every job role. Because it’s complex, and we’ve developed an AI engine that takes into account the real-world, often subjective and qualitative aspects of what constitutes a “good fit” between actual human beings and the new community of coworkers — and the culture — into which they may integrate. We don’t seek to “program out” the complexity; we program it in.

For example, every Smart Profile provides for an introductory video that allows candidates to present themselves as a whole person in a way no resume summary can match. Various assessments, including a personality assessment, help candidates and hiring managers alike get a fuller sense of the person or job role. As Cleversow is increasingly used, the machine learns about both candidates across an increasing number of job roles and job roles across an increasing number of candidates.

Visit us at Cleversow! We think you’ll be pleased to see how we value your story and provide tools to help you accomplish your goals — whether you’re a job-seeker or a hiring organization looking to strengthen your team..